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About Us

DOASENSE Direct Oral Anticoagulant SENSing

We’re a medical technology company, which was founded by Prof. Dr. med. Job Harenberg and Prof. Dr. Roland Krämer in Heidelberg, Germany.

Our experts have more than 35 years experience in coagulation.
Our exclusive, patent protected technology changes the way of testing for Direct Oral Anti-Coagulants (DOACs), serving an unmet clinical need.


Prof. Dr. Job Harenberg

Prof. Dr. med.
Job Harenberg

Managing Director, Founder

Job is an entrepreneur and a professor at Heidelberg University.
A medical doctor by training, Job has an extensive track record in researching the technologies underlying DOASENSE’s approaches, and he is an internationally renowned innovator and inventor in the field.

Dr. Frieder Loesel

Dr. Frieder


Managing Director

Frieder is an entrepreneur and senior executive in the Medical Technology industry sector.
A physicist by training, Frieder has an extensive track record in building and growing MedTech companies, and in respective M&A transactions.



DOASENSE relies on advice by highly renowned experts

Prof. Dr. Roland Krämer

Prof. Dr.
Roland Krämer

Scientific Advisor, Founder

Roland is a professor for chemistry at Heidelberg University, and has been pioneering DOASENSE’s technologies together with Job for many years.
Having published extensively on the topic, he is an internationally renowned scientist and, having patented several new approaches,
an innovator in the field.

Dr. Uwe Spannagel

Dr. med. Uwe Spannagel

Scientific and Marketing Advisor

Uwe is a medical doctor by training. He did his PhD in haemostaseology in the surgical department of the University Hospital of Würzburg. Since 1992 he was working for 13 years in different positions with Novartis in the field of haemostaseology. Since 13 years he is engaged as consultant and as an interim manager with several reputable pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Volker Oeding

Dr. Volker

Member of the Board

After years of experience in IVD research and production at BEHRINGWERKE, Volker has been Managing Director of bioMérieux Germany for 25 years.
After more than 20 active years in the management board of
VDGH (Association of the Diagnostics Industry), Volker now is honorary chairman of the VDGH board.

Remi Corlin

Remi Corlin

International Markets Advisor

With many years of experience in building international market presence for companies like Haemonetics or Hemosonics, Remi is the latest addition to the DOASENSE team. A entrepreneurial thinker with a successful track record in the global med tech markets, Remi supports our global roll-out.

DOASENSE gratefully acknowledges support from the Start-up BW funding program:
NOTE: DOASENSE(TM) products may not be available or approved in your country.

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